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Gemini Zodiac Career Life-Info

The Twins      

Air Sign May 22 - June 21

Gemini Basics
Learned, astronomer, scholarly, grammarian, polite, wealthy, critical, assimilative, good conversationalist, shy, reserved, lacking in originality.

Talkative, communicative, sociable; loves to interact with others (at least on a superficial level); unemotional, impersonal, ruled by "rationality"; requires great mental stimulation, curious to a fault; playful, the Trickster, the Devil's Advocate; changeable, inconstant, attention easily drifts to something new, seeks novelty.


Gemini Work Habit

Gemini is fast in almost everything in everything they do. They have very little patience; if you need a Gemini to cool their heels while you prepare a document or complete a task, don't be surprised to discover they left one second after you said that one word "wait". You'll never find any moss growing underneath a Gemini's feet. Time is fluid to the "messenger of the gods", and they understand how important it is to be in sync with time.
Unfortunately for many of the twins, the art of being on time is never mastered. You may have heard the term "in a New York minute" which means very fast. To a Gemini, even a New York minute isn't fast enough. To say you'll need high energy in order to keep up with your Gemini is little consolation when you're left standing in the middle of a store because they remembered they wanted to attend the grand opening of a new art gallery. You'll either need to adapt to them fast-track lifestyle or simply get out of the race and let someone else take your place.


Gemini Zodiac Sign - Career Profile

The Gemini possesses a quick and restless mind that is capable of moving constantly from one project to the next. Fast talkers and thinkers they are most likely to be the ones to come up with an ongoing stream of new (and excellent) ideas to become considered the idea’s generators in any business. Gemini's need freedom to be whomever they feel like being, whenever they want and, with their rapidly shifting nature, it’s nigh impossible to hold them to any standards but their own. 
Their stock in trade is talk and communication so, with such qualities, they make for exceptional communicators establishing a wide range of contacts, whether social or business. Thus they perform well as intermediaries or go-betweens providing access to, or introductions between parties. There are no mincing words with Gemini and this might get them into trouble now and again. They need constant stimulation so if things get dull they are likely to look for a new field of activity. 
The Gemini is more likely to provide quality input into the company meeting rather than be the leader of the meeting. Many born under the sign of Gemini become writers, orators or journalists. They enjoy teaching and sharing of the wealth of information in their minds with others to create harmony around them. With their speed of mind and action the Gemini may well require diligent back-up assistants to ensure that they are getting things finalized. Being the great communicator Gemini will generally be up to date with the latest in phones, computers, email, fax, cell phones etc and any new methodology that enhances communication and contact.  
Gemini's make excellent employees since they need to express their thoughts rather than their emotions. A vocation in which they can be in constant communication with others and utilize their active imaginations and vigorous verbal qualities is perfect for Gemini's. They are natural communicators and will become discontented if their vocation doesn’t allow them to use this skill. Writing, journalism, teaching, sales and media industries such as film, television and radio are territories in which Gemini's excel. The Gemini was born to communicate, study, learn and write, teach, create and unite people.  
Suitable Vocations for Gemini that that utilize their communication qualities: 
Journalist, Writer, Publicist, Travel Industry, Media Industry, Announcer, Representative, Interpreter, Photographer, Advertising Industry, Auctioneer, Cartoonist, Correspondent, Courier, Driver, Franchiser, Impersonator, Information analyst, Illustrator, Librarian, Linguist, Manicurist, Printer, Reporter, Speech Therapist, Taxi driver, Weather Forecaster, News commentator.


Creativity in Work

If you've never known a Gemini or just recently became involved with one, you might think a Gemini profile will help you understand them better. To look at Gemini, you might think "airhead" was coined to describe her flightiness. However, that's a misnomer because Gemini can become quite an accomplished air sign. Many Geminis are mechanically and technologically inclined.
These two fields go well with the way a Gemini's mind works. It isn't unusual to find a Gemini creating a career as a mechanical engineer and then just as easily switch to a career in acting. To the outsider, the two fields seem completely opposite, but to a Gemini, it's just a natural progression of moving on to the next challenge, conquering it and then moving on to the next one. It's the excitement of testing self and successfully passing that test that gets Gemini's batteries charged.

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